Motor Bike Expo Verona 2018

Motor Bike Expo Verona 2018: custom motorcycles, creativity, design and passion

On Sunday 21st January, the tenth Motor Bike Expo Verona 2018, one of the most important international stages dedicated to motorcycles, bikers and two wheels fans, ended: over 160.000 visitors attended tens of shows and exhibitions of drivers but, in particular, they looked at all news exhibited from the over 700 companies which participated in, the most important worldwide production workshops like Honda, Yamaha, Ducati, Moto Guzziand from the best and popular brands of components and accessories.

With no doubt, the stars for this MBE Verona 2018 were the famous and the best production workshops for customization of custom and special motorbikes, to many of them goes our gratitude for preference and loyalty given us, equipping and customizing their only and precious motorbikes with our caps too.
Through their creations, these companies enhances the value of motorbike field, which is by now the last stronghold of the very long and glorious italian motorbike tradition, because they are continuing a long story of passion joined to the best quality of realization.

The same values that mark our company, which has been producing for over 40 years always with the same passion and dedication for motorbike industry, respecting the impassioned biker expectations. Because every motorcycle must be source of pride.

Finally, we are very satisfied, this year too, that a lot of motorbikes, equipped with our caps, arrived at final selection, at the prestigious Magazine Awards assigned by directors of the international magazines in motorbike field, called to judge the best custom motorcycles participating in Motor Bike Expo 2018.

Below, our best and most used 240.1V7.BKE, ALU.BKE, PN.BKE caps applicated on some customized motorcycles.